Luxury Hotels in London: Hotel 41

The Hotel 41 is a small boutique hotel in a great location: right across the street from the Royal Mews and a short walk to Bukingham Palace and the underground train. It basically consists of the ground floor and the top floor of a building where you can find as well the Rubens at the Palace (which belongs to the same company).


The entrance – Source:

The top floor is an executive lounge which is basically the center of the house. You can have breakfast there, as well as you can access it for the Plunder in the Pantry from 8.30pm. Snacks are available for all hotel guests, which comes at handy if you come back to the hotel very tired and do not feel like eating outside. Beware, not everything is for free, which is why we advice to check with the staff in order to avoid some bad surprises in the bill.

Hotel 41: The Executive Lounge

The Executive Lounge – Source:

We should point out that the Hotel 41 is a very small hotel: it consists of only 28 rooms, with a decoration that mixes modernity and 19th century taste. The lobby, the lift, the rooms, everything is smaller than the average; there is no spa, or a pool, or even a small gym. If you are a fan of large and spacious hotels, with huge common areas, this is not your cup of tea.

Hotel 41 - Conservatory Suite

Conservatory Suite – Source:

The key of the success and popularity of this hotel is  guest service. Being such a small hotel the trait with the guests is much more personal, the staff learns everybody’s name pretty quickly and all of them are trained to give a great service. The Concierge makes the impossible to book a table at the typical fully booked restaurant and is informed about the best activities and events. Housekeeping would turn down your bed each night and leave some sweets, light a candle and turn on some relaxing music

Comparable to others luxury hotels in london, it has very reasonable prices; nevertheless, you should consider it is a relatively new hotel, the finishing are still fresh. It is getting very good opinions over the internet, which why we can expect a raise of the prices during the next couple of years.

Your Bicentennial Concierge is always available for further information about this peculiar hotel. For other opinions you can refer to the following pages:


Luxury Hotels in London: Corinthia Hotel

The Corinthia Hotel is everything you would expect from Luxury hotels in London. Best service, wonderful rooms and common areas decorated with modern taste. And a  great setting. It is a building which previously belonged to the Government, which was refurbished completely and given the function you can see today. It is very close to the metro station and several attractions can be reached by foot. The National gallery is only a few minutes away, while the British Museum can be easily reached with a cab in less than ten minutes. If you are using a car, the Corinthia has a parking which is quite expensive (55£), but worthy considering where it is located.



Being a relatively new hotel, the style of the rooms is modern and elegant. There is everything you need for a comfortable stay; the minibar is full of quality products, and you will have a Nespresso coffee machine at your disposal. The bathroom is luxurious, the amenities are from the internationally recognised brand ESPA and there is a flat TV in case you want to relax in the bathtub.


The Royal Penthouse – Source:


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As for the common areas, the hotel has two restaurants (The Northall and The Massimo) and two bars (The Bassoon and the Northall Bar). The Northall serves British food while the Massimo is more typically Italian. They are highly recommended if you do not feel like eating outside or for pre-theatre dining. Plus, the Corinthia has an excellent afternoon tea, which is served in the Alfresco entertaining area, recently refurbished by David Collins Studio. If you just want to sit and relax, there are as well a very nice lobby lounge and an inner courtyard with a fireplace in both sides.


The Lobby Entrance – Source:

The Spa is located on four different levels.  It can be accessed by the children for a few hours during the day. It uses the ESPA quality products.  The gym is well equipped and open for the guests 24 hours a day.



For business trips, the Corinthia has several rooms for meeting and events,  most of them are relatively small but a couple  of them have a high capacity (up to 250 people). They are all very well equipped

The staff do their best in order to make your stay unforgettable, even according to some more demanding guests they are still on the way to the top standars. Anyhow, should you encounter any problem during your stay, there is a very efficient Guest Relations department ready to assist you.

The prices are high, some people even think it is overpriced although generally speaking it is in line with any other five star hotel of the city. It opened only four years ago, which means it has the potiential for being one of the best hotels in London. Your Bicentennial Concierge will remain at your disposal for further information. If you need to read more opinions on the hotel, please check the following:


St. Regis Punta Mita Resort – One of the best Hotels in Punta de Mita

The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort is one of the best hotels in Punta de Mita. It is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, in a quiet secured setting, along with other luxury hotels, restaurants, condos and two golf courses. It is ideal for a romantic gateaway or for a nice vacation with your family. Awesome if you like golf, not so much if you are looking for a business hotel.



It consists of 120 rooms, the majority of which are double deluxe (84), while the rest are Junior Suites and Suites. They are all very comfortable, with the best room amenities, wireless internet (paid separately) and an outdoor shower, which is pretty much appreciated by the guests. The view can either be to the Ocean, to the Garden or to the Beach.


Presidential Suite – Source:

The resort is built horizontally, which means that even though it is fully booked, you will not have the sensation of staying in a crowded hotel. There are three different swimming pools: the Beach Club Pool, the Family Pool and the Adult Only Pool. There are plenty of chairs and sunbeds, sometimes you might feel like you are the only guests at the hotel. The beach is wide and long, quite rocky so do not forget your shoes.



After a couple of days of relaxation, you might consider taking one of the many activities organised by and whithin the hotel. You can take a bike tour into the community, see how to make a fabulous Margarita or go to the cultural centre and learn the basics of the Spanish Language. At the same time, if you have kids they can entertain themselves in la Tortuga Childrens’ Club.

The gym is small but complete. Water-related sports can be arranged as well. The Remède Spa is ideal in case you want to relax completely and take a break from the beach. It has 10 treatment rooms, among which a Couple Luxury’s Suite. Imagine that on your Honeymoon!



The Food & Beverage part of the hotel is varied. Las Marietas is the restaurant located next to the Family Pool, open for breakfast. For lunch it offers some dishes of the typical Mexican cuisine. The Sea Breeze is open for lunch and dinner, and offers a wide choice of Latin American food, in a casual setting; at the Sea Breeze Bar you can have the St. Regis signature cocktail: the Bloody Mary. The Carolina is the most luxurious of the three, the best choice if you feel like having a fancy, international meal.


Restaurant Carolina – Source:

Beside the three alternatives just mentioned, you can have a light meal at the pool or right at the beach at Mita Mary: basically a boat on the sand where they make very good tacos.

Most of the guests like having lunch or dinner at the hotel; some other prefer to go out and try some other restaurant, like the Sufi whithin the same community or Si Señor in the neighbouring town.

The service at this hotel deserves a special paragraph, because it makes the difference among several luxury hotels in the area. The whole staff is trained to be helpful and professional, but the butler service is the glue that joins all the departments. Upon arrival you can download an application for your smartphone, which keeps you in constant contact with your butler: morning coffee, packing/unpacking, all you have to do is ask.

In conclusion, the St. Regis Punta Mita Resort is a top class hotel which will not disappoint you, if you are looking for quiet, relaxation and the best service. For further information and assistance, your Bicentennial Concierge remains at your disposal. In case you want to know other people’s opinion, please check the following links:


W Retreat & Spa, Luxury Hotel in Maldives

This Special  luxury hotel in Maldives is located on an island belonging to the Maldives called Fesdhoo Island. I think you should have a look at the picture in order to understand completely its situation:



As you can see, the W Retreat & Spa occupies the whole island, while the rooms are built right on the water. The first question that comes to mind is: how do I get there? That is when a true five star service comes in. First of all, once you get to Male Airport there will someone from the staff of the Hotel waiting for you and escorting to you to the W Lounge, where you can already go through the check-in process while you are having a drink on the house.



Depending on your time of arrival, there are different options. For arrival and departures between 6 AM and 3 PM there is a Seaplane Transfer available, while between 03.30 PM and 6 AM there are two possibilities: a seaboat transfer, or staying one night in Malé at the Sheraton with very good rates and take the seaplane the next morning. The guest can also book a luxurious yacht for an overnight transfer.

Whichever the option, they all have a price, and it is quite high. Generally speaking, the Hotel and the use of its facilities is very expensive, but it is worth the money. This is a luxury getaway that makes you live an experience you will not easily forget.

The rooms are all beautifully decorated, and can have a view on the ocean, on the beach, or on the lagoon. Many guests, mostly being couples, try at least two different types of room during their stay (an average of 7 days). All of them have free wifi connection and are built so that you can get plenty of natural daylight.



Being the only place where you can eat and drink, the Hotel has three different restaurants, two bars and un underground club. The Kitchen is the main restaurant, where the guests can have breakfast; it does not have a view over the ocean, but it is peaceful and some tables are in a small pool so that you can eat with the feet in the water. Then there is the Fish, which as the word says serves mainly sea food; the Fire is specialised in meat. According to some opinions the quality of the food is not top-notch but it is still very good considering that the restaurants are literally located in the middle of the Indian Ocean.


The Kitchen Restaurant – Source:

The Spa has a wonderful view and several treatments; it is expensive, but once again, you pay the location and the service. The gym is quite organised for a complete training, a personal trainer is available on request.

As you could probably imagine, being in the middle of the ocean for several days might be boring after some time. That is why in the W Retreat & Spa you can do a lot of different activites, from snorkeling to having dinner in a private island to fishing and grill the fish on your terrace. Everything is basically water-related, and according to many guests the reef is probably the most beautiful in the area.

As for the service, is it the key ingredient in order to succeed. You receive a warm welcome from the first moment you put you feet in the island, while the “Whatever Whenever” philosophy will accompany you during the whole stay, until you leave.

In conclusion, the W Retreat & Spa is one of the best options in the Maldives if you are looking for nature, peace and luxury.

For further information, your Bicentennial Concierge is at your disposal. If you prefer, you can book online as well:


Four Seasons, Luxury Hotel in Prague

There is one characteristic which makes this Four Seasons Hotel a wonderful option if you are visiting Prague: its location. It is situated in the Old Town, very close to Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, in a generally quiet setting. The shopping area is relatively close as well.



This luxury hotel in Prague consists of three different buildings, each one with its own style; the decoration of the rooms (161) goes accordingly, so that the guests can have a wider choice. Whichever the decoration, all of the rooms are classy and comfortable. Being a Hotel in the historical centre, most of the rooms do not have a particular view. Some of them, though, have a wonderful view over the River Vltava, reason for which they are more expensive, too (about 170€).



The Hotel Restaurant (Cotto Crudo) is specialised in Italian food; most of the opinions are good, some people preferred the concept it had before. Nevertheless, it is known as the finest Italian restaurant in town. Breakfast is good but not outstanding, for some people quite expensive; the same goes for the drinks at the bar.


Cotto Crudo Restaurant – Source:

The Spa is limited, but it still has a certain variety of treatments. The gym is quite small, even though it permits to make a complete training; very much appreciated by the corporate guests.

Beside those small details, it is needless to say that this is a top class hotel. You will notice it from the very first moment, or even before. If you decide to book a transfer organised by the Hotel, you will be picked up with a luxury car and receive an introduction to the city from the driver. Once you arrive to the hotel you will receive a warm greeting from the Bell Boy, and after the check-in you will be shown the way to your room. It seems that they will ask you to upgrade to a higher room category, it is up to you whether to consider they offer or just stick to the one you booked. The Concierge will organise everything for you, from a guided tour to a cruise on the river. Everyone goes beyond the guest’s expectation in order to make them live the best experience possible; always attentive, but discreet.

Everything comes with a price, and even though the rates of this Hotel are higher than its competitors, it is definitely worth a visit.

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