Luxury Hotels in London: Hotel 41

The Hotel 41 is a small boutique hotel in a great location: right across the street from the Royal Mews and a short walk to Bukingham Palace and the underground train. It basically consists of the ground floor and the top floor of a building where you can find as well the Rubens at the Palace (which belongs to the same company).


The entrance – Source:

The top floor is an executive lounge which is basically the center of the house. You can have breakfast there, as well as you can access it for the Plunder in the Pantry from 8.30pm. Snacks are available for all hotel guests, which comes at handy if you come back to the hotel very tired and do not feel like eating outside. Beware, not everything is for free, which is why we advice to check with the staff in order to avoid some bad surprises in the bill.

Hotel 41: The Executive Lounge

The Executive Lounge – Source:

We should point out that the Hotel 41 is a very small hotel: it consists of only 28 rooms, with a decoration that mixes modernity and 19th century taste. The lobby, the lift, the rooms, everything is smaller than the average; there is no spa, or a pool, or even a small gym. If you are a fan of large and spacious hotels, with huge common areas, this is not your cup of tea.

Hotel 41 - Conservatory Suite

Conservatory Suite – Source:

The key of the success and popularity of this hotel is  guest service. Being such a small hotel the trait with the guests is much more personal, the staff learns everybody’s name pretty quickly and all of them are trained to give a great service. The Concierge makes the impossible to book a table at the typical fully booked restaurant and is informed about the best activities and events. Housekeeping would turn down your bed each night and leave some sweets, light a candle and turn on some relaxing music

Comparable to others luxury hotels in london, it has very reasonable prices; nevertheless, you should consider it is a relatively new hotel, the finishing are still fresh. It is getting very good opinions over the internet, which why we can expect a raise of the prices during the next couple of years.

Your Bicentennial Concierge is always available for further information about this peculiar hotel. For other opinions you can refer to the following pages:


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