Plaza de España in Seville

The Plaza de España in Seville is a clear example of regionalist architecture. Located inside the Park ok Maria Luisa, out of the Old Town, it was built to be the main building of the Ibero American Exposition of 1929; the park itself was a donation from the Dukes of Montpensier to the city for the occasion. The whole square is mainly built using bricks, while the ceramic dominates the decoration. Its benches represent the  Spanish Provinces, while its semi-eliptical shape symbolizes Spain embracing the ex-colonies. Once the Exposition was over, the Plaza was supposed to be part of the University of Seville; nevertheless, it ended up being the military headquarter, leaving the interior parts out of the tourists’ sight.
plaza de españa2
plaza de españa
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It is a spectacular complex, which does not remain unnoticed; in fact, it has been used several times in the past as the background of different movies. Many cinephiles definitely remember  the classic «Lawrence of Arabia»: the Plaza de España was the general headquarter of the British Army in Cairo. Many years after that, George Lucas shot a part of  Star Wars in 2002.

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The Plaza de España in Seville is without any doubt one of the main symbols of the city, which anyone should visit,  even though some regular maintenance should be done to the building, and the fact that the interior parts cannot be seen, except for special occasions. The Military Museum is insteresting, but nothing extraordinary. During the summer, it is advisable to go there during the first hours of the morning or in the evening. The Park can be seen all day long.

You can visit the Plaza de España with a private guided walking tour, on a bike (, or even with the Hop-on Hop-off bus (

You can also check other people’s opinion for further information and the guided tours.  In any case, your Bicentennial Concierge remains at your disposal 



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