Alfileritos 24, Modern Restaurant in Toledo

This modern restaurant in Toledo is a good option if you are in town and are looking for something which is not too much touristy.
The building is an old house, which has been fully restored. From the outside it looks old, while the decoration inside is definitely modern, a mixture of wood, steel and glass. It consists of two different sections: the ground and first floor are for menus, tapas and drinks, while the upper ones make the actual restaurant, with the tables disposed around the classical central patio. The music is pleasant, and creates a nice ambiance. That is why we suggest Alfileritos 24: whether you are looking for tapas and a couple of drinks or if you prefer having a full meal, this restaurant is definitely a valuable choice. You can even have breakfast here, both salty and sweet.




As for the food itself, there are some good typical dishes even though there is not too much choice; nevertheless, they offer some alternatives for the little kids or for people with special dietary need (i.e. celiacs). Some of the dishes, nicely elaborated, are pretty much appreciated and have a very good value for money. For example, the deer meat, the typical croquetas or the marzipan soufflé are sure choices. If you prefer fish there are some possibilities, although it is not the restaurant specialty. Make sure you try the famous Iberian ham, either alone or with toasted bread; you will not be disappointed. The wine menu is interesting, too.



The staff is nice and attentive, although when the place is full they tend to work faster and leave some of the customers unattended, especially during week-ends. Still, they work hard in order to give a good service.

In conclusion, if you are in the Old Town of Toledo and are looking for a good tapas restaurant for lunch or a nice restaurant for dinner, without being too fancy, Alfileritos 24 deserves a visit. For more opinions please check:


You can book online ( or through your Bicentennial Concierge.

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