The Picasso Museum in Malaga

Since 2003 Malaga, a Spanish city located in the souther part of the country (Costa del Sol), is housing a museum dedicated to the universal artist Pablo Picasso.

It has to be said that even though he spent most of his life in Paris, he was born in Malaga on the 25th  of October, 1881.
the creation of an arts centre which could house his work, but for different reasons the project was aborted. It was reconsidered again in 1996 cuando se reinició el proyecto, but it finally became a reality in 2003, 50 years later.

The Picasso Museum in Malaga is located in a very peculiar building, the palacio of Buenavista. It dates back to the 16th century; Diego de Cazalla, who helped the Catholic Monarchs to get back the city against during the Reconquista, ordered its construction. During the 19th century it became a property of the Counts of Buenavista, who gave them today’s name to the museum. It is in fact a building with a renascentist style, with some moorish elements and a beautiful tower: a typical Andalucian building.

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In the underground right below the Palace there are some exceptional archeological remains of phoenician, roman, moorish and renascentist origins , which gives an added value to the collection housed in the building.
It is today perfectly restored with all the facilities and services which are necessary for a nice visit. Since this is not a big museum we do recommend to see it quietly and not in a hurry, so that you can appreciate all the details.

For the correct conservation of the artistic material the temperature inside is about 20 º, which means that, especially during the summer, there is a big difference compared to the outside temperature.
It can be accessed without any problems by people on a wheelchair. You would have to warn the staff at the entrance.

In 2006 the American Institute of Architects gave the Picasso Museum a recognition with Institute Honor Awards for Architecture. The judge noticed “the beautiful work of architectural restoration, which iserted the Museum inside this Mediterranean city. The new sections fit with elegance with the surrounding area as well as a palace of the 16th century and its patios”.


The Picasso Museum of Malaga houses 233 pieces of art, plus 43 more for a temporary exposition about Pablo Picasso, thanks to a 15-year agreement with the Almine & Bernard Ruiz-Picasso Foundation for Arts (FABA).

Even though the sole fact that the museum has several original paintings, there are not any particularly known piece of art, since the most famous are located in others museums of the world . On the other hand you can find some high valuable work, such as the ‘’frutero’’ (fruit basket), painted in Paris in 1919, ispired by the still life of Paul Cézanne. You can see here as well a portrait of Picasso’s wife, the dancer Olga Khokhlova with a mantilla (below images).

mujer picasso

frutero. pARIS 1919


It is very useful to make the visit accompanied by one the guides working for the museum, although for a deeper explanation itmight be best to hire a private one. Historians specialized in Picasso’s life can give you a wonderful tour of the whole museum.

In conclusion, a very interesting museum in a very interesting part of Spain.

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