The Cathedral of Toledo: la Primada

A Cathedral, especially when it is the first one built in the Spanish Peninsula, is always worth a visit. It occupies the place of the main Mosque of Toledo, which was built itself on the rests of an ancient Visigothic Church. Which means we are talking about a site charged with symbolism. In fact, you can still assist to a Visigothic Mass once a day. Is is not necessary to be a religious person in order to appreciate its marvellous architecture.



But you should bear in mind a couple of things in case you want to visit the Cathedral of Toledo. First of all, its peculiar opening times. In Wintertime it closes at 6 PM, while in Summertime at 6.45 PM, a little early considering the season. The entry cost 8€, while for 11€ you can access as well the Bell Tower, from which you can enjoy wonderful views of the city. Children below 12 years old can enter for free. On Sundays Spanish nationals can access for free, after 2 PM and, without the option of the Bell Tower. If you are coming by car, there is plenty of parking space available along the city walls. Quite easy to get in.

The audio guide, approximately 90 minutes, costs 3€ and is totally worth it. The Cathedral itself is well preserved and has some little treasures you should not miss. The Chorus and the Custodia de Juan de Arfe, among others; while in the Sacristy you can find a small but important collection of paintings from el Greco, Caravaggio, Velasquez and Goya. Even though the price is a bit high for a Church, do not forget you will be in a sacred place. It is forbidden to take pictures inside, and there could be several religious services going on at the same time during your visit.



There are a couple of day trips from Madrid that include the Cathedral you might be interested in:



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